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My Dearest Dead – Original Drawing


A beautiful and sad burial for Malicious Mary. No one knows what cause her death, but her ghostly spirit haunts those who speak her name. Below is the poem of inspiration for this illustration and explains him well.

"My Dearest Dead"

Rest thy head
My dearest dead
In white dress
Free from mortal stress

Bloody Mary
Say fare-thee-well
Find sanctuary
In the depths of hell

I was once smitten
By your endless charm
Until the future written
Through passionate harm
Hallelujah some might bay

In addition, dance a fervent jig
As my love doth fade away
Her final place set to dig

Mary, Mary, My Dearest Dead
How your plot shall grow
Upon your gravestone to be said
Malicious Mary sleeps below

Rest, Rest My Dearest Dead
Let the world not trouble thee
Soon enough hearts of dread
Shall meet your fate intimately

~ Copyright 2009 - Philip Lee McCall II

* I am cleaning out my studio & trying to purge older artwork. This is an original graphite drawing at an amazingly low price!!! Original asking price was $75.00*

* This is the ORIGINAL pencil drawing titled "Malicious Mary".
* It was created using graphite drawing pencils on paper in 2009.
* It has 3 coats of spray varnish on it to protect & seal it.
* Comes with "Certificate of Authenticity"
* It is very beautiful & looks even better in person.

Artwork Size: 6" wide X 9" tall (inches)

Original Artwork is shipping via USPS flat rate mail (if it fits). Insurance, delivery confirmation and signature confirmation are including in your shipping cost when purchasing an original.