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Fantasy Artists: Deanna Davoli’s Art Gallery

2010 – Present

You can purchase most of this artwork as prints, jewelry, bookmarks, Originals, Limited Edition Canvas prints and many more great products at Deanna’s Etsy Store and Zazzle Store.

Browse Fantasy artists Deanna Davoli’s online Art Gallery featuring  fantasy art prints such as sun goddess art, fairies, tarot, gothic or goth, mermaid, Egyptian inspired art, Alice in Wonderland, native american, tarot  and other unique fantasy artwork, prints, wall art and more. Art  gallery features Deanna Davoli’s artwork created from 2010 to Present. To browse my earlier artwork please click one of the links below.

2010 – Present ::  2007 – 2009 :: 1999 – 2006

Featured Tarot Art: The Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups Painting

The Ace of Cups card was created for the 78 Tarot Nautical Deck. The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of love, happiness and compassion. In the Ace of Cups, a huge cup is being offered to you and you are being invited to reach out and drink from it. This is a symbol of fulfillment, not just emotionally but also spiritually. It is also about creative expression, particularly where there is an opportunity to allow your emotions to shine through. The cup in my painting is represented by the nautilus shell. A lovely, exotic mermaid offers you the magic from the cup which overflows with an abundance of light, love and treasures. Mermaids and fish swim by in the distant background.

Art Photo Gallery: 2010 – Present

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