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Maleficent – Bookmark


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This stunning glossy bookmark captures the self proclaimed “Mistress of All Evil”, Maleficent! One of the most recognized, feared and celebrated villain. My version of Maleficent displays a compelling, dark and sexy character. She stands on top of mountainous ledge gazing at the viewer. The moon and distant castle twinkle in the erie moonlight. Her raven sits on top of a spooky tree, lit by the green glow of her powerful staff.
* Special thanks to the model faestock for the photo reference.
* This lovely bookmark was cropped and designed by me using my artwork. It is based of my drawing "Maleficent"
* Bookmark measures 2 x 6.5 inches
* Protected by a heavy lamination.
* Has a beautiful tassel in a matching color (colors may vary from examples shown).

*All Images Copyright Deanna Davoli - Davoli LLC. All rights reserved by artist.


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