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SOLD – Isis – Original Drawing

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"In ancient Egypt Isis was among the oldest of the goddesses, the mother and giver of all life. A moon goddess, she gives birth to the sun, creates and sustains all life, and is the savior of all people. The teacher of agriculture, she is also the goddess of medicine and wisdom. Isis is the universal goddess, representing total feminity. She can overcome death itself, yet she is not above grief: one of her tears, wept when Osiris was dying, caused the Nile River to flood. She underscores the depths of emotion that even a goddess must feel." Text written by: Michael Babcock
This is the ORIGINAL DRAWING of "Isis", created in 2006. It is Double Matted by a Professional framer. The outer matt is a cool mottled beige. The interior matt is a dark charcoal gray with a black core.

* I am cleaning out my studio & trying to purge older artwork. This is a professionally matted dramatic graphite drawing at an amazingly low price!!! Original asking price was $125.00*

* This is the ORIGINAL pencil drawing titled "Isis".
* It was created using graphite drawing pencils on paper in 2006.
* It has 3 coats of spray varnish on it to protect & seal it.
* This painting has been matted by a Professional Framer in a stunning matt to accent the drawing.
* Comes with "Certificate of Authenticity"
* It is very beautiful & looks even better in person.

Artwork Size: 7 1/2" wide X 9" tall (inches)
Matted Size: 12 1/2" wide X 14" tall (inches)

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