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SOLD – Fauna – Original Drawing

Original price was: $125.00.Current price is: $40.00.

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A casual female fawn/saytr lounges out at a pub having distant thoughts. A fawn or satyr; half goat / half human. This drawing was a study of posture & subtle facial expressions.
This is the ORIGINAL DRAWING of "Fauna" created in 2006. It is Double Matted by a Professional Framer. The outer matt is a deep red and the inner matt is a sharp black.

* I am cleaning out my studio & trying to purge older artwork. This is a professionally matted dramatic graphite drawing at an amazingly low price!!! Original asking price was $125.00*

* There is a small dirt smudge on the drawing that is shown in the last photo. I created this drawing while working outside at a Renaissance Fair and fairy dust left its mark. 

* This is the ORIGINAL watercolor and acrylic Painting titled "Fauna".
* It was created using graphite drawing pencils on paper in 2006.
* It has 3 coats of spray varnish on it to protect & seal it.
* This painting has been matted by a Professional Framer in a stunning double matt to accent the drawing.
* Comes with "Certificate of Authenticity"
* It is very beautiful & looks even better in person.

Artwork Size: 7 1/2" wide X 9" tall (inches)
Matted Size: 12 1/2" wide X 14" tall (inches)

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