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The Ace of Cups

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The Ace of Cups card was created for the 78 Tarot Nautical Deck. The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of love, happiness and compassion. In the Ace of Cups, a huge cup is being offered to you and you are being invited to reach out and drink from it. This is a symbol of fulfillment, not just emotionally but also spiritually. It is also about creative expression, particularly where there is an opportunity to allow your emotions to shine through. The cup in my painting is represented by the nautilus shell. A lovely, exotic mermaid offers you the magic from the cup which overflows with an abundance of light, love and treasures. Mermaids and fish swim by in the distant background.


 9 of Wands

tarot art 9 of wands9 of Wands – Using brightly colored copic markers, I created the 9 of Wands card for the 78 Tarot Carnival Deck. The 9 of Wands represents courage, persistence, test of faith, resilience, perseverance, quest, anticipation and steadfastness. This striking Asian sorceress warrior has won her 8 wands, shown upon her finger tips. The 9th wand that she must still fight for and obtain is represented as the dragon’s horn. She is drained from her previous battles, but is ready to go to battle again. She has the look of determination in her eyes to overcome this final challenge and reach the point of accomplishment and victory. She stands for what she believes in and holds firm in these beliefs. This amazing tarot deck includes 1 piece of artwork from 78 different global artists. This is the 3rd edition deck for the 78 Tarot and its awesome theme is Carnival…all kinds; Venetian, American, Asian and any place in the world that has carnival celebrations. **Special thanks to: apsara-stock.deviantart.com for the awesome photo reference

 5 of Swords Art Print – 78 Tarot Deck Angel Art

5 of Swords Art Print 78 Tarot Deck Angel Art5 of Swords – This warrior angel inspired, 5 of Swords oil painting will be published in the 78 Tarot Deck. This amazing tarot deck includes 1 piece of artwork from 78 different global artists. The 5 of Swords card represents a bitter sweet victory, acting selfishly, unjustly, insensitive, battle (of both conquest and defeat), of infamy and dishonor. This card often means winning the battle but loosing the war. It signifies an air element seen as intellect, logic and reasoning.








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