Alice in Wonderland Ring:

This charming adjustable ring holds a Victorian inspired drawing of Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. Alice has arrived in Wonderland and is opening the "drink me" bottle for the first time. Alice always being little curious and mischievous has no idea of the magical journey that awaits her.

* Image in Ring is used from my artwork titled "Alice"
* Image size is 20mm circle (approximately 3/4") clear epoxy dome that elegantly shows off my artwork.
* The settings have delicate scalloped design made of silver plating.

**It is not recommended to wear these rings while swimming or bathing.**


Our handmade Alice in Wonderland ring is a part of the Alice in Wonderland collection which combines an elegant and bold sophistication with innocence and whimsies associated with childhood. We take pride in delivering a ring that is unpredictable, made up of unusual shapes. Also ones that enables you to make a new discovery each time you wear the ring.

All our designs make use of intricate gemstones and silver combined with rose gold vermeil to come up with a ring that almost appears organic. Our handmade Alice in Wonderland ring will take you through the interwoven roots lining the numerous rabbit holes, and into the unexpected delights that are to be found in Wonderland.

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Unique and Unusual Designs for All Our Rings.

If you are like most people, finding the right jewelry tends to be a very personal experience. I, like many people out there, like to have jewelry to statement pieces. I like jewelry to wear for different occasions. Also, jewelry that I can wear time and time again without getting tired of it. I believe the right jewelry can be a visual representation of a person’s unique style and individuality.

As such, we believe in designing handmade pieces that are unique.

Our jewelry is made from unusual gemstones to enable you to find the right fit. This is what our Alice in Wonderland collection is all about. Quality Jewelry All the jewelry in our stock has been handmade using semi-precious and silver gemstones. It is our ultimate belief that you will have fun wearing, and receiving compliments about your Alice in Wonderland collection for a long time to come.

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There is always that moment before you pop open the jewelry box for the very first time when you are filled with exquisite anticipation. All our rings are presented to clients in beautiful, stunning packages. For those looking to buy rings for their loved ones. You can rest assured that we will be more than happy to wrap the gifts for you.

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