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About Deanna


About Deanna Davoli
Deanna was born in a small town outside of Buffalo New York. She lived there for about 21 years, until she moved to the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Like most kids, Deanna loved to get messy and use her hands to create anything she wanted. She did not start to experience art until high school. Deanna's imagination, music & the beautiful country she lived in all play a role in the fantasy art she creates today.  Deanna felt the desire to mentally escape & used art as her outlet. Deanna's art was dark fantasy based, and in her eyes, displayed a gothic romance. She Continued to develop her skill in college where she decided to study art education and art history. In her heart she knew teaching was not for her, but she still needed to experience it to prove to herself that she could fulfill her artistic endeavors to a higher plateau. After teaching elementary and middle school art for 4 years, Deanna left teaching children and occasionally teaches drawing classes at a community college. She has been actively painting fantasy art, murals, faux finishes and commissioned painting for the last 5 years, but overall has been painting and drawing for 16 years.

Deanna's amazing husband, Jeff helps her with so many aspects of her art business. He helps create show display, jewelry & really is her "right hand man". Without Jeff, Deanna would not be as encouraged to be the best that she can be. He not only discusses her art, but feels it, breathes it and thoroughly appreciates what she has to offer.
Jeff does not like everything Deanna creates, but that is the beauty of his observation, it is true, to the point, thoughtful and never recited.

Deanna's art work has significantly grown over the past few years. You can purchase her art through numerous licensing companies (candles, journals & more). Her art also sells world wide & is available in many shops.  To find out more about these companies & shops, please visit her Links Page

There are many artists who inspire and motivate Deanna, dead and alive, known and unknown, that a list would be a waste of time. What she can tell you that she has friends who are artists and are my main and continual forms of inspiration. Kevin Hurtack is one of her close friends who daily intrigues me with his creativity, style and devotion to art. Fellow fantasy artist Carri Travis also is a dear friend whom she shares her artistic successes, frustrations, ideas & just about anything! Some artists may sound familiar are Gustav Klimnt, Michael Parkes, Edward Muncha, NIN, Tori Amos, Bjork, Lorenna McKennit and Charles de Lint. Deanna loves Art Deco/Nouveau era and almost all Asian and Indian Styles.

If you have any questions or comments, please go to her Contact Page.
If you are interested in purchasing artwork or gift items please click on the menu to the left.

Thank you!
Deanna Davoli


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OMG! This is awesome! Wow! I can't wait to get a print of it ..

02.Close To My Heart - 50% OFF
03.Faerie Funk #2
04.Faerie Funk - Hand Embellished LE Canvas Print
05.Tree Sprite
06.Waiting For The Dawn - 30x22mm Cameo
08.Bird of Paradise - Keychain
09.Close To My Heart - Square Earrings - SOLD OUT
10.Dark September
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